Welcome Startups!

Are you part of a high-tech startup company? Looking for talent to help accomplish your mission?

Welcome to StartupAgents! You have come the to the right place.

  • What is a Startup?

    We view a Startup as small team of people who have set out on a mission to change the world for the better.

    In general, startups we serve:
    • are private.
    • have been in existence for less than 5 years.
    • have less than 100 team members.
    • offer equity as compensation.

    If this sounds like your company, StartupAgents is the place to be.

  • What is Talent?

    We view Talent as someone who wants to join a startup company to help accomplish their mission. We recognize that Startups need help from a variety of talented people. Hence, Talent can identify themselves as an advisor, intern, consultant, full-time, or part-time candidate to meet your particular need.

  • Talent Qualifications

    Talent self select themselves, by answering yes to the following questions:

    • Do you feel comfortable in a fast-paced, always-on, highly ambiguous environment?
    • Does the idea of working tirelessly to help accomplish a mission you are passionate about excite you?
    • Are you willing to take on responsibilities that do not match your job description?
    • Are you willing to accept compensation in the form of equity?
    • Do you adapt well to change?
  • Our Focus

    StartupAgents focuses on helping startup companies find talent in the following areas:

    • Software (Consumer, Enterprise, Mobile)
    • Hardware (Communications, Networking, Semiconductors)
    • Life Sciences (Medical Devices, Biotechnology)
    • Green Technology / Clean Technology

    If you fall into one of these categories, StartupAgents can help your company.

How StartupAgents Works

Once registered, you can search for talent, post jobs, create a profile, ask and answer questions, and send messages to talent.

  • Your Profile

    We have created the outline for your profile and it is up to you to personalize it. The outline was created to be specific in helping you connect with talent. Therefore, you have sections such as Investors and Values. Listing your investors helps potential team members determine what kind of backing you have. Whether your are self-funded or have corporate investors, talent will get a better idea about the risk and reward in joining our team. The values section helps us match you with talent that have the same motivations and values. As your relationship forms, talent will know what you value most. For instance, we all value communication and discipline, but the one your team values more helps to match you with a better person. You will also find sections such as company description, management team, board members, advisors, benefits and a place where you can link to a company video.

  • Messages

    The Message page allows you to send and receive messages to and from talent. Each message is organized into a conversation with a particular member, so you can follow your communication with them more easily.

  • Connections

    Your connections with talent are created in three ways: 1) you save an member 2) you request to see their private profile or 3) you send a message to a member. Talent will always be saved to your main folder. You can create new folders to save talent by category. For example, you can create a Finance folder and a Marketing folder and then move talent into the appropriate one based on the position you are looking to fill. Once saved, you can order the candidates via drag and drop. Talent have a public and private profile. You are only able to see their public profile in the search results, but can request to see their private profile. Once requested, talent can view your profile in order to determine whether or not they would like to grant your startup access.

  • Questions

    You can ask questions of the talent and answer questions posed by the talent.

    Ask - You can pose questions you would like to know about a member, whether it be behavioral or skill set related questions. As long as it's a question that would apply to all talent and it doesn't overlap with an existing question, we will approve it. You can also rate the questions posed by other startups, so talent know what's most important to you. Talent then answer the questions, so you can get a better idea about their personality and skills.

    Answer - Talent also have the ability to pose questions to startups. These are questions that allow them to get to know your company better. Whether it be the milestones you have accomplished or competitors in your space, you can communicate the environment a member will be entering into.

  • Join StartupAgents

    Creating an account is easy. Simple click on Get Started and enter your company info on the Registration page. Once approved, we will send you an activation email with a temporary password. Once the email is received, you can log into StartupAgents, create your profile, post jobs, ask and answer questions, and search and communicate with talent.

    We are here to help you connect with the talent that fits your team best. Please contact us if you need any help.