The people behind StartupAgents
Lee Diamond, Founder

Lee kept hearing that high-tech startups were having a tough time finding good people. After searching far and wide, he realized that there wasn't a central place where startups and talent could meet online. He set out to change that by creating a platform that used a dating style approach to connecting startups and talent.

His career started as a software develper at, one of the first local guides on the web. He then moved to Tanning Technology where he developed online platforms for clients in the banking, media advertising, real estate, construction, and telecommunications industries. Just prior to StartupAgents, Lee worked at Silicon Valley Bank where he helped finance venture-backed software startups.

Lee's entrepreneurial endeavors started young when he had to build the delivery business from the ground up for Johnny Rockets. Warm hamburgers and soggy fries didn't take-off, so he was reassigned to assistant waiter.

Lee holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business.

StartupAgents Team Members Past & Present

  • Rodney Carvalho
  • David Lowenfels
  • Joe Preston
  • Cara Unruh
  • Jessica Hines
  • Gregory Tomei
  • Daniel Brown
  • Ken Turner
  • Ray Podder
  • Laura Faller
  • Carmen Falcone
  • Tim Ghio
  • Harlan Wood
  • Andre Gharakhanian
  • David Thomson

Many thanks to family and friends for their continued support.