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September 11th, 2008 Comments off

updateA few updates were released today.

Import Your LinkedIn Profile

Agents can now import their LinkedIn profile information into their public and private profile. The profile information gathered consists of your summary, work and educational history. You can find the link “Copy profile from LinkedIn” on the grey title bar, when you are on the Edit Profile screen.

View Profile in Search Results

Agents can now see how their profile will look in search results. The link is found in Public Profile View under your Agent Statistics and reads “As seen in search results”. The link is only on your public profile, because only public profile information is seen in search results.

Risk Preferences Descriptions Added

Descriptions have been added to the Stages and Series under Risk Preferences. Now when you select Series A or Beta Test, can learn more about the dynamics of a company in a specific stage or series.

Values Added to Startup Profile

Startups can now express themselves better by selecting the what they value the most at their company environment and in the team members they bring on.

Link Fields Added to Startup Personnel

Rather than fill out a new bio of their management team, board members and advisors, startups can now just link to each persons bio on their company or organization’s site.

StartUp SF v1.3 “Design for StartUps”

September 9th, 2008 Comments off

StartupAgents will be demoing at StartUp SF September 10th. Come on by and check out how we can help your startup or help you find a startup to work with. The whole family is welcome to come.

Festivities start at 6pm and go until the cops break up the party.

StartUp SF is a regular meetup in San Francisco that is designed to provide helpful tips and tricks to startups, bootstrapped companies, Web 2.0ers and other interested technology and business professionals.

Reserve your ticket today…


August 2nd, 2008 Comments off

updatesOn June 25th we updated StartupAgents and want to keep everyone informed on what the new enhancements were. We are planning a few new upgrades next week and will be publishing those shortly. Here are the enhancements made about a month ago:

Multiple Email Alerts – You now have the capability to assign an email alert to each of your saved searches, which you may have up to five.

Values Changed – An agents values section is now more granular to allow them to better communicate the values they hold most dear.

Risk Preferences Added – We have added a Risk Preferences section to an agents profile. You can now see if their risk preferences match with the stage, series and size of your startup.

Headline Added – Agents can now create a headline that will show up as part of the search results. This will hopefully provide a faster searching experience.

Summary Added – We have added a summary section where agents can summarize their experience, skills and personality, to allow you to find a better match.

Explanatory Text Added – We have added more explanatory text around the site to provide for more clarity on how StartupAgents works. You can view much of the information when you click on the Learn More link found on the home page.

We have been working diligently to get new startups and agents onto StartupAgents. Please let us know if you have had success in connecting with any agents. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions at anytime.

“Hiring is my #1 problem”

June 12th, 2008 Comments off

were_hiringI attended Launch Silicon Valley on Tuesday and watched some great companies launch, but what struck me the most was a comment made by Seth Sternberg of meebo. He said in his keynote speech that with all the capital he has raised, $37.5 million to date from top-tier VCs (Sequoia, DFJ, Jafco, Time Warner and KTB), hiring is his #1 problem.

I suppose there are many entrepreneurs that think that as soon as they raise capital, bringing on team members will become a lot easier. One of the reasons you take a firm’s capital is to have them help you find talent.

What I find interesting is that with each capital raise a different personality becomes attracted to your company. When in the seed stage, you are usually tapping your personal network for co-founders. Co-founders are more willing to work for 100% equity, which is a very large risk and, hence, attracts that high risk taking personality.

Once you’ve raised a seed round, be it self-funded, angel, family & friends, you immediately attract a different personality. Someone that is willing to take less risk, which translates into a mix of cash and equity. With each subsequent round, the candidates risk level diminishes.

Since risk profile of the people that are attracted to your company changes, your talent acquisition strategy must adapt as well. Unlike at an established company, where an HR Manager can call on a candidate that submitted a resume a year ago, startups must constantly be on the hunt for the candidate that fits the company’s current stage. I believe one of the reasons hiring is Seth’s #1 problem, as it probably is with most startups, is that you are constantly looking for a moving target.

I’d be interested to hear what your experiences have been pre and post a capital raise, and how the personality profile has changed throughout your company’s evolution.

Trials & Tribulations

May 23rd, 2008 Comments off

Well… we got some great press from Web Worker Daily (Thanks Bob!) and had a lot of interest at a demo table at SFBeta, only to find out that the mail server decided to no longer accept the login credentials from the application. As a result, any part of the application that sends mail externally failed. This includes the registration form, password retrieval form and contact form.

We have figured out that the messaging server knew traffic would increase and instinctively decided to no longer accept requests. The messaging server has been reprimanded, and has promised it wouldn’t pull a stunt like that again.

The good news is we had everyone’s email address that tried to sign-up, and have resent your registration email with your password. If you haven’t received your registration email, please enter your email address in the forgot password form or contact us and we will resend it to you.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you using StartupAgents.

Flasher vs Smolderer

May 12th, 2008 Comments off

flasher vs smoldererI attended Sun’s StartupCamp last week and one of the sessions focused on finding a co-founder or early team members. One of the interesting comments made was to figure out if you are a flasher or smolderer and pick your compliment.

A flasher was described as someone that wears their emotions on their sleeve. When a dispute arises, the flasher will immediately make their discontent known. If both members of the team are flashers, the dispute could escalate quickly and emotions will rise to the occasion. The end result would possibly be the end of the working relationship, especially if the disputes continue. When a flasher and smolderer engage in a dispute the smolderer wouldn’t emotionally charge the situation, resulting in a higher probability that a resolution can be reached.

Smolderers, on the other hand, generally keep their emotions to themselves and have strong suppressed feelings. One day the built-up emotions could come out at an inopportune time or possibly never. If two smolderers are working together, there is the potential for unspoken animosity to eventually ruin the working relationship. When you are looking for team members that you will be working with closely, figure out what kind of person you are and try to avoid someone with the same personality trait.


May 2nd, 2008 1 comment

We had some fun handing out candy (and flyers) before the Iron Man show sponsored by TechCrunch at the Metreon last night. We weren’t able to make it into the movie, but heard some great reviews afterwards and plan to see it this weekend. We also got a nice response from folks in line and after the movie. Now I just need to get that Black Sabbath song out of my head.

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