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August 2nd, 2008 Comments off

updatesOn June 25th we updated StartupAgents and want to keep everyone informed on what the new enhancements were. We are planning a few new upgrades next week and will be publishing those shortly. Here are the enhancements made about a month ago:

Multiple Email Alerts – You now have the capability to assign an email alert to each of your saved searches, which you may have up to five.

Values Changed – An agents values section is now more granular to allow them to better communicate the values they hold most dear.

Risk Preferences Added – We have added a Risk Preferences section to an agents profile. You can now see if their risk preferences match with the stage, series and size of your startup.

Headline Added – Agents can now create a headline that will show up as part of the search results. This will hopefully provide a faster searching experience.

Summary Added – We have added a summary section where agents can summarize their experience, skills and personality, to allow you to find a better match.

Explanatory Text Added – We have added more explanatory text around the site to provide for more clarity on how StartupAgents works. You can view much of the information when you click on the Learn More link found on the home page.

We have been working diligently to get new startups and agents onto StartupAgents. Please let us know if you have had success in connecting with any agents. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions at anytime.

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