Welcome Talent!

If you're looking to join a high-tech startup team, you have come to the right place.

  • What is Talent?

    We view talent as someone who wants to join a startup company to help accomplish their mission. Startups need help from a variety of talented people. So whether you are an advisor, intern, consultant, full-time, or part-time candidate, StartupAgents will work to match you with the right position and company.

  • What is a Startup?

    We view a Startup as small team of people who have set out on a mission to change the world for the better.

    In general, startups we serve:
    • are private.
    • have been in existence for less than 5 years.
    • have less than 100 team members.
    • offer equity as compensation.

    If this sounds like a company you'd like to join, StartupAgents is the place to be.

  • Is a Startup right for me?

    Working at a startup is not for everyone. If you are not sure whether a startup is right for you, think about these questions:

    • Do you feel comfortable in a fast-paced, always-on, highly ambiguous environment?
    • Does the idea of working tirelessly to help accomplish a mission you are passionate about excite you?
    • Are you willing to take on responsibilities that do not match your job description?
    • Are you willing to accept compensation in the form of equity?
    • Do you adapt well to change?

    If you answered yes to all the above questions, StartupAgents is right for you!

  • Our Focus

    StartupAgents focuses on helping startup companies find talent in the following areas:

    • Software (Consumer, Enterprise, Mobile)
    • Hardware (Communications, Networking, Semiconductors)
    • Life Sciences (Medical Devices, Biotechnology)
    • Green Technology / Clean Technology

    If you'd like to join a company in one of these industries, then Get Started now!

How StartupAgents Works

Once registered, you can create a profile, search startups and job postings, ask and answer questions, connect with other members, and communicate with startup teams.

  • Your Profile

    We have created the outline for your profile and it is up to you to personalize it. The outline was created to be specific in helping you connect with high-tech startup companies. Therefore, you have such sections as Risk Preferences and Values. The risk preferences help determine the level of risk you would like to take, which would translate into team size, percentage of equity as compensation, and stage of the startup. The Values section helps to find you a better fit within a startup team. We all value communication and discipline, but the one you value more helps to match you with the right team. You will also find the typical profile sections such as Objective, Work History, Education, and others.

    You also have a public and private profile. The public profile will be seen in the search results and is viewable by all startups. Talent cannot view your public profile, unless they are a connection. Your private profile is only viewable by a startup, if you grant that startup permission. If you have information you would only like to present to certain companies, you can save it in your private profile.

  • Search - Startups and Jobs

    You can now search through all startup companies that have joined StartupAgents. You can also search jobs that startups have posted. The only thing we ask is that you fill out a minimum portion of your profile.

  • Messages

    The Message page allows you to receive and reply to messages from startups. As soon as you receive a message from a startup, they become a connection.

  • Connections

    As talent, you can create connections with startups and other members.

    Startup Connections - A connection with a startup is created after a startup initiates contact in one of two ways: the startup sends you a message or requests to see your private profile. Talent can also save a startup as a connection.

    Talent Connections - Connections with other members are specific to creating teams of talent. In other words, members connect if they have worked together before and would like to work together again. In order to create a connection with another member, you will need to know their talent number. Therefore, connecting with talent involves some communication outside of StartupAgents. We are working on integrating member to member connections entirely through the platform.

  • Questions

    You can ask questions of startups and answer questions posed by startups.

    Ask - You can pose questions you would like to know about a startup company, whether it be about the work environment or direction for the company. As long as it's a question that would apply to all startups and it doesn't overlap with an existing question we will approve it. You can also rate the questions posed by other members, so startups know what's most important to you. Startups then answer the questions, so you can get a better idea about the team you'd like to join.

    Answer - Startups also have the ability to pose questions to talent. These would be interview like questions that you can then answer. You can choose which questions you'd like to answer and then assign them to either your public or private profile depending on the sensitivity of your answer. You can only assign an answer to one profile, but can reassign the answer at any time.

  • Join StartupAgents

    Creating an account is easy. Simple click on Get Started, enter your email address on the Registration page, and we will send you an activation email with a temporary password. Once the email is received, you can log into StartupAgents and create your profile, ask and answer questions, connect with members and communicate with startups.

    We are here to help you connect with the startup team that fits you best. Please contact us if you need any help.